Wolky Houten

For the 2008 summer campaign of Wolky Shoes, a Dutch advertising studio approached me to see if my splitty was available for a photo shoot. They found Hazel Armstrong through my restoration pages on the internet and thought she was perfect for the campaign. They really had to twist my arm in order to convince me to spend a  whole day on the beach with three gorgeous models... It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day at the beach with lots of nice people to work with! It was very interesting to be part of the entire photo shoot process, as well as being able to lend a hand here and there. The photos were used for Wolky’s (international) brochures, banners, posters and website.

Special thanks to Quentin Lau for letting us use his beautiful VW-bus 'Hazel Armstrong'. Quentin restored the bus himself and is using it every day now.
Anthony (Director Wolky Houten)