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Terms & Conditions

1 General Terms

1.1 By making and confirming a kombi hire booking, the party/persons (hirer) are unconditionally accepting all of these terms and conditions, as well as any additional terms expressed in the booking process.
1.2 The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all passengers are aware of these terms and conditions.
1.3 None of our services allow you or give you permission to drive our kombi.
1.4 Consumption of alcohol is not permitted inside our kombi.
1.5 Smoking is not permitted inside our kombi.
1.6 Our kombi does not have air-conditioning; factory standard, our kombi is fitted with quarter vents, overhead directional vent and pop out windows to provide sufficient air flow while driving.
1.7 Be aware that vehicles built pre-1970 are not legally required to have seat-belts fitted and in keeping with the original style of our kombi, we choose not to.
1.8 The maximum number of passengers transportable by our kombi is 8 (eight) people including the driver: the lesser passengers the more comfortable the journey.

2 Bookings, Payments and Cancellations

2.1 While tentative bookings may be made by phone or email, bookings only become confirmed when the requested 20% non-refundable deposit is paid. Full payment of the balance must be received prior to or on the day of commencement of services.
2.2 Prices quoted are based on the duration of hire and locations as detailed in your initial inquiry: changes to your itinerary may affect the original quoted price.
2.3 Last minute bookings are accepted if the vehicle is available.
2.4 The hirer may cancel a booking up to 2 weeks before the service date and receive a refund less the non-refundable deposit.
2.5 Whilst we do our utmost to maintain our kombi, we cannot foresee or guarantee that there will not be a breakdown or an accident occurring on or before your hire day. In the unfortunate event of this occurring, we will offer you a full refund; no further correspondence, liability or compensation will be considered.

3 Travel Time

3.1 Your hire time commences from point of hire (Pottsville, NSW). Please keep in mind the slower speed of kombis and the time required to reach your various destinations when planning your event schedule.
3.2 At all times we will endeavour to ensure you arrive at your destination safely, comfortably and on time. However, we cannot be held liable for any event which is beyond our control, including but not limited to, traffic delays, weather, illness or vehicle breakdown. In such circumstances, you must allow us to do all things possible to resolve the problem and complete your hire.

4 Damages

4.1 We keep our kombi in immaculate condition to offer our clients the best experiences and services possible. Please be respectful of our property, as during the hire period you are responsible for any deliberate, malicious, and negligent damage caused to the vehicle or equipment outside its usual wear and tear. The hirer will be responsible for any costs involved in rectifying this damage. If the deliberate and malicious damage results in loss of income, the hirer may also be liable to cover our loss of income caused by any reckless damage.

5 Use of our Kombi

5.1 We reserve the right to refuse to take passengers who exhibit overly intoxicated or dangerous behaviour.
5.2 Your driver may end the journey/services at any point, without refund, if a passenger behaviour is illegal, inappropriate and offensive.
5.3 By default we do not allow self-drivers of our kombi. You or anyone else will not be permitted to drive our kombi unless given express permission and authority by us.

6 Photography

6.1 We do not provide photography services, therefore the hirer is responsible for the hiring of a photographer. We are proud to have our kombi as part of your special event and would hope that with your consent, we could use a selection of your professional images on our website & social media.
6.2 Any images or video footage taken by Hazel Armstrong Kombi Hire with our own equipment during your event hire can be used for editorial, promotional, advertising, social media and digital content, unless we are advised otherwise in advance by the hirer.

7 Limitation of Liability

7.1 Subject to any rights the hirer may have by law, in no event will Hazel Armstrong Kombi Hire be liable for any loss or damage which the hirer suffers as a result of Hazel Armstrong Kombi Hire's actions.