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Make: Volkswagen
Model: Transporter
Model number: 231-13
Year of manufacture: May 1964
Registration no: HJ-80-92
Original colour: Dove Blue
Top speed: 115 km/h
Tire size: 195/75/R14
Piston displacement: 1585cc 
Cylinder heads: Stock 1600cc single port
Ignition: Stock Bosch with Compu-Tronix electronic ignition
Carburetor: Solex 31 PICT 3 
Air filter: Stock oil bath filter
Cooling: Large oil channel oil cooler, 1600 double port doghouse
Thermostat: Stock
Clutch: 200mm diaphragm
Type:  Stock 'Big nut' (46mm)
1st gear: 3.80:1
2nd gear: 2.06:1
3rd gear: 1.26:1
4th gear:  0.89:1
Reduction gear boxes: 1.26:1
Front:  CSP disc brakes
Rear: Stock drum brakes