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Luke & Lindsey

I got in contact with Luke and Lindsey via the Dutch split screen bus register. When they came over to have a look at the VW bus, we immediately got along well. At sun rise, I dressed up in my tux and drove over to Luke’s parents' place to pick him up and continue to pick up his future wife: Lindsey. After a beautiful photo shoot, we continued to the church and the city hall for them to complete the wedding ceremony. The day ended with a superb party on the beach. Luke and Lindsey, thank you for this beautiful day, it was my pleasure to drive you around!

We were very pleased to have you as our driver: you held open the doors for us with a big smile, time after time! Our day was exactly as we wanted it to be, this is also thanks to your VW bus. Thank you for ‘lending’ us the bus for this day!
Luke & Lindsey
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